DJ – Promoter –Producer

In the world of dance music, MICK has forged the reputation as a marketing force to reckon with. As a DJ, he is known for his signature dirty, funky, electro, dance floor driven' style blending elements of funk, rock and electrohouse combined with sultry vocals, live instruments and natural sounds. Mick has spun beside many of dance music industry’s top icons including D:Fuse, Tommy Lee, DJ:AM, Z-Trip, Scooter & Lavelle, Isaiah Martin, Blank & Jones, Darren Tate, Charles Feelgood, Eddie Amador, Trevor Simpson, Michael Anthony just to name a few.

Mick Knutson has been a professional Percussionist / DJ for over 20 years. Mick's in-demand, crowd-rocking style has given him the opportunity to travel abroad touring North & South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Philippines and Africa! He currently resides in San Francisco, and is quickly building a great following, and a reputation for adding unlimited energy to his performances. You can always find him dancing as hard as the crowd while he plays, confidently leading the crowd into an epic party experience.

Mick is an accomplished drummer and has performed with some of the top musicians in the blues/funk/rock world such as members of Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Texas Boogie Band. Mick started moving more into acid jazz and disco in the early 1990's. Out of creative strife, he turned to DJing to follow his creative aspirations. Mick is one of those rare DJ’s who perceives their role to be that of an all-around entertainer and performer. Each night, his arsenal of Track after Sexy Track, seems to be endless. Mick's energy and ability to work the crowd has earned him a huge following and has positioned him as one of the hottest DJs on the circuit. There are only a handful of DJs that "must be experienced live...", with his dynamic, animated and energized personality; Mick definitely, is one of these select few.

Mick has now decided to make San Francisco home. Rapidly establishing a following in this competitive market for his happy, sexy uplifting music, Mick is gaining the hometown crowd to rave reviews. Over the past decade, MICK has performed at many high profile festivals including the Millennium New Years celebration at the Petronas towers and the 100th National Independence Day in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Other notable events have been ‘WRAP’ and award parties for any Film and Television productions including Crash, Hostage, The Illusionist and Employee of the Month.

Mick’s other talents are grounded in Software Design, and these talents have landed him technical partnerships with Thump Radio. This partnership includes Engineering, Designing and Marketing of online streaming media from Thump Radio’s weekly radio shows. As both a DJ and Producer, MICK has consistently generated quality like very few can. With over 15 productions released to date, his peers consider him one of the most inspirational, respected and driven individuals in the industry. Fans can expect more innovative and unique productions, and hear them “live”, as Mick continually tours the globe, sharing the music he’s been so passionate about for the last 20 years. Mick holds several top residencies in San Francisco and LA including Crash Nightclub, Surreal
Entertainment, Supperclub, Thump Radio and Aura/Ruby Skye.

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